Assessments Tutorial

About to take a quiz assessment in eLearning? Avoid common problems by watching this tutorial. It covers everything from locating the quiz in the course to reviewing your results.



Assignment Tutorial

Being able to successfully submit assignments is crucial to your progress in an online course. This short tutorial will help you avoid tech related problems so you can focus on the material in the course.



Calendar Tutorial

"Chapter 4 quiz on Tuesday... Discussion posting on Wednesday... Midterm exam on Friday..." - Having trouble keeping track of your assignments? The eLearning calendar is a powerful tool that will keep you on track.



Chat Tutorial

Working on a group project in an online course? The chat room makes a great place to meet to discuss the details. Even a white board is provided where you can share pictures and sketches.


Discussion Board

Discussion Board Tutorial

The discussion board allows students to interact with each other through discussion. Debate controversial issues, ask content related questions, or reply to an assigned topic.



eLearning Mail Tutorial

Most professors prefer the mail system built into each eLearning course instead of external email. It's a great way to keep all correspondence related to a course together without having to sift through spam and other emails.



Getting Help Tutorial

Having problems? Help is just a click away. Learn how to access eLearning's help feature for instant information on the page you are currently viewing. Of course, if they built in help ever fails to answer your question, we are just an email or call away.



Logging Out Tutorial

Logging out protects your information from exposure and prevents unauthorized access to your eLearning account. Learn the proper way to log out of eLearning.



HTML Editor Tutorial

Having trouble using the built-in eLearning HTML editor? This tutorial explains how to use all of the features in the editor to create an HTML page.


Student Homepages

Student Homepages Tutorial

Trying to create a student homepage in eLearning? This tutorial guides you through the process step-by-step. Start out by looking at the assignment requirements set by your instructor; then walk through creating a homepage, adding links, and submitting your assignment in eLearning.


Student Homepages

Who's Online Tutorial

Want to send messages to other students or your instructor via chat? This tutorial guides you through the process, and also explains how to update your "Who's Online" status.